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Weekly Word Count Challenge #6

Trying to get back on task. Sorry for falling behind.

This week's challenge:

Challenge# 6
Word Count: 300 or more (Yes, that means it can be as long as you want, dwg)
Subject: childhood
Due Date: Friday, August 21st, 2006

Challenge Instructions:
1. The central theme is childhood and how it effects your character. Tell a story, first person, from the point of view of your character. It can either be told by them as a child or as an adult looking back on their childhood. Childhood can include adolescence.
2. Authors can also include (under a separate lj-cut, if they wish) their own thoughts or feelings about what they wrote.

Posting instructions:
1. Post it to the community on or before the due date.
2. Place the body of the story under an LJ-cut.
3. Community members can/should respond with their initial impressions of what was written.

Let's do it!
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